Friday, 28 December 2012


I've seen sooo many of these posts done by bloggers now and i though it was time i did my own! I love the 'What i got for Chritsmas' posts as i love seeing what all you lovely bloggers got as Christmas presents! I am not bragging in this post just though it was a great idea to show you what i got for Christmas(3 days later)..


Yay finally me and my blog have got our self's a Nikon Camrea. woooo! I was so happy when i opened this as i have been desperate for a new camera! I also got a Ted Baker purse,makeup bag and Cosmetic holder filled with lots of lovely Ted Baker creams and Jels; you should know i have a large obsession with Ted's accessories. They are all so pretty! I love all my Jack Wills bits too( yep another obsession of mine)! My little Ipod shuffle is such a good present too as went i go training its easy to clip onto my hoodie so it wont fall off :) I also got 4 Mini's of the Benefit perfumes which smell so yummy! And of course i got many, many, many pairs of socks- who doesn't get socks at Christmas? All my other bits were just useful things and Smellies. ooo i got the 'The September Issue' DVD, have any of you ever seen it? Its all about vogue I cant wait to watch it!!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got lots of lovely things
love Caits x

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  1. wowee you got some lovely stuff you lucky girl xxx