Sunday, 23 December 2012

wedding love

Yay finally i have been to my first ever wedding!! Well I've been to lots of wedding party's just never the actual kissy and vows bit hahaha! Aw it was soooo cute though and the dress Liz(the bride wore) was beautiful! Also all the flowers just reminded me of the Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward wedding it was all so pretty :')

The venue was so pretty! It was at a place called Shottle Hall in Derbyshire which was a really lovely environment out in the country with so much land! There were lots of different rooms downstairs and the dance floor and band was amazing!! My bestfriend was a Bridesmaid as it was her dads wedding and she looks gorgeous too; it was a lovely taupe kind of colour all fitted :) I wore this metallic dress from River Island, a cream studded belt from primark(BARGAIN) and some black heels from Newlook for £13 in the sale, except they didn't stay on my feet very long as i ended up bare foot dancing most of the night haha!

I had a great time and the venue was so lovely where we stayed! I'm really in the christmasy mood now, can you believe its 2days ahhhhh!! I'm so excited! Btw sorry for such a morbid face in the last photo, no idea why i didn't smile :-(
Have a great Christmas; love Caits x

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  1. You look lovely, i love your dress! x