Thursday, 6 December 2012

feeling the cold

So its freezing outside yet i have shorts on? yep makes perfect sense to me, although i didn't actually go out like this, its waaay to cold :( Back when i went to London i bought this coat/jacket from Topshop and haven't had chance to show it you guys yet. I wasn't so keen at first because i was going to get the green karki jacket with leather sleeves, but seriously? How many people have that jacket now so I'm glad i got this one because i haven't seen many people wearing it.. thank god! The back of the coat is all checkered which i kind of like because it makes the coat a bit quirky and that's what i wanted- not something everyone else has already got! I love my little peace necklace from DasiyDoes UK! They have some wonderful jewellery on their site, you should really all check it out. And of course, here are my creepers AGAIN! I've kind of fell in love with them.. they go with EVERYTHING and they're so comfy!
Can you believe its sort of nearly Christmas?! and my birthday too yayyy!
Also next Tuesday I'm going to the Clothes Show which I'm super excited about and really cant wait :) aww i love December! Hope you're all ok,
love Caits x