Tuesday, 4 December 2012

boy tie dye

Yayy its finally December and soo close to my birthday,.. and Christmas woo, I'm actually sooo excited this year, cant wait to put the Christmas tree up and get all dressed up!!
Today's post is just showing you the tye die tops i have recently made for my brother, I actually think they turned out not too bad, i haven't really done tye die before so was just making up as i went along hahaha! For the first top i just like splattered green and blue dye onto the t-shirt. Very inventive Caitlin! And the second top i put some elastic bands around the top and left it to soak in some grey dye!
The tops i used were just basic white tops from the main section on H&M and only cost me £5 each, and the dye was from Wilkinson's which was only about £3 :-) I actually really enjoyed making the tops, even though after my finger nails were stained grey and it looks horrible, i advise you all too wear gloves :) If my brothers friends like the tops too i will be making some more hopefully!
Hope you're all ok and have your Christmas jumpers ready, also ps... its my birthday in 11 days ;-)
love Caits x 

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