Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Can you actually believe its Christmas? I was like a excited 5 year old this morning when i found a stocking out side my door full of prezzies and when i went downstairs and found out Santa had been! I cant wait for eastenders though omg I'm sooooooo excited!! I really hope Derek dies tonight and Lauren and joey just get together- PLEASEEE! They are actually so cute together!
Anyway just a few Christmasy photos(TAKEN WITH MY BRAND NEW AMAZING CAMERA) to keep the Christmas spirit going :-)


I actually don't have any good photos of the Christmas tree when all the presents were under as i didn't get my camera until later, but i still have lots of other great photos!!  Hope you've all had a fab Christmas and got lots of lovely things! What did everyone get? See you in my next post..
love Caits x

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