Sunday, 11 August 2013

tie that denim shirt

 I love these kind of outfits.. shorts, top and a shirt around my waist has been a favorite of mine this 'summer'. I mean I'm sure I used to wrap my jacket around my waist when I was about 5 but my young style has returned to me and I love it.
Shorts: Topshop / Top: Topshop / Shoes: Zara / Shirt: Hollister / Bands: Holiday
This has probably been my most worn outfit this summer and also one of my favourites. I got the top a while back in Topshop but have never really worn it till now; once I paired it with my black shorts( I got these in the sale for a tenner when I was on a spending ban opps) and denim jacket I liked it a whole lot more than when I first bought it hahaha the joys of shopping. Now please don't get me started on my new sandals because I could probably right 4 paragraphs on how much I love them but I wont as you can all see in the photos how gorgeous they are.. yes they are gorgeous ok! I got them just before I went on holiday from Zara in the sale for £30.. I know £30 shouldn't even be classed as a sale price but I did pretty much wear them every evening on my holiday (I really have no holiday/summer shoes) so that makes them about £2 per wear and I'll be wearing them a whole lot more! I lack on the whole shoe game thing, the list of shoes I want it endless but I always end up buying clothes instead and then the list of shoes I want gets longer! 
The suns been shinning today so I've had a lovely day doing nothing- I still have post holiday depression! See ya soon! 
love Caits x 

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