Wednesday, 14 August 2013

100 goes to this outfit

The colour is my favourite part about this top, not so much the beads. I mean I love the beads but when putting the top on and taking it off all I hear is beads dropping to the ground and I can never find where they have come from!!
 Top: Topshop // Bag: Ted Baker // Shoes: Primark // Jeans: Topshop(similar here) //
I wasn't even meant to be shopping when I bought this top. I had gone to Meadowhall for a few last minute holiday things and after buying a leather jacket in Zara (sale of course- this is all I can afford) I though well I might as well spend all my savings now and so splashed out on this top! I don't really have 'evening tops' so I justified it like this. I'm so addicted man! I bought it for £36 and now its in the sale for £18, this is another reason I really need a Topshop card but if I get one my debt will be unspeakable & I'm not 18 yet anyway..which could be a good thing.
Now I love these shoes from Primark and lets just say £12 for looking at a pair of shoes every day ain't bad- yep I can't walk in them ha ha!!! I have no hope but I manged to stumble around in them for these photos which is a step forward. 
Oh and this is my 100th post, hence the name :)) 
caitlin-alannah x 


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  2. Gorgeous outfit! Cant believe those shoes are from Primark. I've been after shoes like that for ages.

    Terri xx

  3. I'm in love with those jeans! <3

    Ellen xx