Sunday, 16 June 2013

girly for a change

Shorts: Next(friends), BlackTop: H&M, DenimJacket: Primark, Shoes: Converse 
Finally my exams are over!!! I now have 10 weeks off to do absolutely nothing and blog! As the suns been shining recently I though a good summery outfit would be good to get back into the jist of things :) All the things I'm wearing are actually from last year's summer wardrobe, there's thousands of summer clothes I want this year and I've got them all saved on my iPad I just don't know where to start.. maybe I shouldn't start as I will probably never stop!
I actually love these shorts, I practically live in denim shorts so these are a nice change, something quite girly which I never go for! I much prefer the grunge type looks but the print on these shorts it way to pretty not to show off! So thankyou so much Holly for giving them me!! I just went for a plain black top and denim jacket as I wanted the shorts to really stand out. I practically live in my converse at the minute, all my other shoes are a tad to wintry so shoes is definitely of the 'things to buy next' list! So off to the internet shopping I go...
love Caits x 

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