Sunday, 19 August 2012

Newspaper print nails :o)

Hi guys!
I know I'm like sooooooo 2 months late with this trend but i still adore the 'newspaper print nails' so much! They give your nails a real vintage effect and i really love it!
The many times i have tried newspaper print nails and failed is beyond me so i though id try again today and they came out so much better :-)

Ok i know the first hand didn't go so well as i think i was leaving the newspaper on to long so the newspaper ended up sticking to my nails as you can see on my first two nails :( but the second hand was much better!
I advice leaving the news paper on only for about 5 seconds other wise it will get stuck to your nails which doesn't look good! Finish with a clear top coat to, to make your nails look shinny and clean :)
Theres some great videos on you tube showing tutorials of how to do this so if you are interested and love the newspaper effect like me then id check out you tube first :)
hope you like them!
love caits x x


  1. I keep meaning to try doing newspaper nails! These look fab!! :)
    Helen xx

  2. i have seen this and think it is sooo clever!!


  3. Thanks both of you! Helen you should really try them iv had loads of complements on them today! :) xx

  4. Hi! Just stopping by to let you know I tagged you in a post for the Liebster Award :) Posting at 7 p.m. today.
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  5. ah these look great! definitely something I need to have a go at :) x

  6. This is such a great look!


  7. You're nails look great, I still haven't tried this, but you've definitely inspired me -I might do it this weekend! :)