Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank holiday weekend trip to London :-)

Hiya guyss!
So for bank holiday my mum,dad brother and me all went to London for the weekend and i enjoyed it so much, we did so much sigh seeing which was great and even had tea at sushi samba on the 37 floor! Here's a few snaps..

 1. My tea the first night at Prezzos! It was so yummy
 2. Harrods! It was massive
 3. My and my Brother stood either side of where tower bridge opens!
 4. The queens walk! We walked from tower bridge all the way to the London eye, my feet were aching so much :(
 5. I really wanted to see the Olympic rings but the Paralympic ones were up instead, still looks amazing!
 6. The chocolate counter in Harrods! hmmm yum
 7. The London eye :-)
 8. My chopsticks at sushi samba, took me a while to get used to so i asked for a fork instead, hehehe!
 9. On the 37th floor at sushi samba, you could see the whole of London! AMAZING!
 10. The one and only oxford street!
11. Costa hot chocolate in the morning while on a red open top bus :)
 12. For the shopaholics out there, this is where they make the FT! Always carry one to your interviews says the famous Sophie Kinsella ;)
 13. Me on a Barclay's bike which i rode all the way round hide park! My legs were killing afterwards!
 14. Looking tired and messy at the end of the day but I'm stood next to Waterloo place :)
 15. One of the Olympic mascots! There all over London in different outfits :)
16. Homer Simpson made of sand drawn next to the Thames!
 17. The beautiful buildings in London!
18. My hugging Tom Daley and stood next to Louis smith in Harrods! SO gorgeous!
20. With a man looking like a tree! So many people dressed up along the Thames front they all looked so good!
I had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and i really do love London! What did you all get up to for yours?
Love Caits x x 

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  1. So jealous you got to see all of this! This all looks amazing. xx