Monday, 14 May 2012

Studded denim jacket

Ok so this is my very first post on my new official blog. Ahhh I’m excited! Iv been reading other peoples blogs for such a long time now and love reading them so thought why not make my own? So here it is…
My first post I’d like to share with you all today is how I customized my denim jacket.

So I was shopping the other week in Meadowhall and have noticed Primark have a HUGE range of all different types of denim jackets from light to dark, short to long there’s something for everyone. The only problem is I’v noticed a lot of people wearing them as there ranged from a price of £8-£12 which is extremely cheap and very popular with people my age as the ones in Topshop are £32 *sad face*

Anyway I decided to buy one and though I could just customize it up so its not the same as everyone else’s, because who wants to be the same right?

So when I got home I was looking on Intstagram at peoples latest photos and there was a really lovely demin jacket with studs on it! STUDS I THOUGHT! I immediately went on to Ebay and had a look at some studs.
I eventually found some which were £2.50 in a bronze colour to match the buttons on the jacket, so I ordered them.

Even though they did take over a month to arrive i didnt mind as they was from china and the weather hasn't been particularly good to wear a denim jacket anyway.

There is about 100 studs here which doesn't look much but it is. They have like little spikes on the back which you can push through the denim easily.
I decided i'd stud each corner at the top going 8 up and 8 across

This is what they look like pushed through from the back, make sure you push the little spikes over to secure to stud in place and so it doesn't prick you to whilst you're wearing it. It took me about 40 minutes to push through all the studs on one side of the jacket, it is quite fiddley and time consuming.

This is what it looked like from the front. :)
and this from the back :) i then started on the other side carefully pushing all the studs in place, this took me about another 40mintues and after i had very sore finger tips :(

Finally i had finished and this is what the jacket looks like on.
I’m absolutely loving these studs; I think they make this jacket really stand out from the rest as it’s so different, and not many other people do it :) If you’re looking for a great way to customize your denim jacket I think this is a great way to do it! I only spent about £15 on this jacket altogether and no body else has the exact same, defiantly a top buy!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog, please leave comments on what you think and if you like the idea? i would be very grateful for any feedback :)
love you all x


  1. That looks amazing! Unfortunately I don't have the patience (or the creativity!) to do something like that. It looks really good. x

  2. Great Post doll:) I really have the itch to stud something now!!
    Sara xx

  3. Hey you have a great thing going on with this blog. I think it will take you far. This is a fab post, you cant beat these studs for revamping clothes. Also love your header it makes me smile :D

    peek at me

  4. aw! thats such a sweet comment thanks so much :) xx

  5. Really like that! Looks lovely! Will try!xx

    Dani (