Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sequin Dresses- Wedding

Hey to all the beautiful people reading this :o)
Sorry i haven't done a proper post in ages I've been busy with school work, training and sunbathing in my garden, what have you all been up too? :)
I'll make sure i do a proper post tomorrow as i am going to Meadowhall shopping later so will be buying my last few things to go on holiday.. i go in 4days eeeekkkk :D

Anyway this is just a quick one, I have been invited to one of my bestfriends dad's wedding's in December and i cant wait! Were already totally obsessing with what to wear and how to have our hair :)
I've had a few idea's on what id like, have any of you seen them sequin dresses the celebs have been wearing lately? well i love them!
Iv seen Pixie Lott and Lucy Meck's(towie) in them and I've fallen in love!

So since iv seen them I've decided this may be the perfect dress for the wedding. I'd find some cute heels and a clutch bag and we're ready to go. Iv been looking all over, in Topshop, RI, Zara, Miss Selfridge but there never seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!
Anyway i decided to try some of the online shops such as Very, Boohoo and Miss guided(which are all lovely) and i think I've found what I'm looking for..

£44.99 from Miss Guided! ahhh I'm so glad iv found what i was looking for, but there was a slight problem... they don't have a size 6 in store :( and considering the size 8 is supposed to fit a 5'7'' and I'm only 5'2'' i have a feeling it wont fit right! anyway i did email them so when it comes back back in stock they are going to contact me so for now i will just have to keep looking, i have 7months anyway so i will find something just as wonderful :o)

What do you think? Have you seen any dresses like this in the high street?
loveCaits xxx

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