Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jubilee Cath Kidston

Hey gals hope your all okay! i'm up to my neck in revision and training so though id take a break and blog again.
Iv finally finished all my textiles course work and handed it in so now were doing a mini 'Jubilee Cath Kidston' style project and i'm all excited YAY! I love Cath Kidston omg all her designs and patterns are just wonderful, actually my banner is a print from Cath Kidston if you didn't already know :)

Anyway we have been asked to either make a 'tote bag' 'pillow' or some bunting in the style of this. So like a Union Jack flag with all sorts of different floral like pattens filling in the shapes which is just adorable so i thought id share my idea with you :) I choose to make a bag as we have already made a pillow earlier on in the year. I haven't finished yet but i have taken a photo of what it looks like so far, when its fully done i will post again :)

Ok so yes it looks a bit erm weird? BUT its not finished yet!
I'm going to sew round all the pieces in pink zig zag stitch to securce all the pieces onto the bag. I have then got some blue ribbon with little white spots on which i am going to sew with a straigh stitch to one side of each diagonal strip.
Im also going to line the bag with the pink floral fabric and add a pink button at the top so you can open and close the bag :)
and after iv added some handles and sewn the sides up it will be looking much more like a bag tooo! ekkk! how cute?
It should be finished with in the next 2 weeks so i will be posting a pic of the finished product :)

what do you all think? any suggestions or comments let me know, i love feedback :o)

lovecaits xxx

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