Sunday, 20 May 2012

Holiday shopping!

Hello again to all you beautiful people reading my blog :)
i'm going on holiday in 10 days.. ahhhh how excited i actually cant wait! anyway i seem to have left my holiday shopping a little bit late and also ran out of money :( so iv had to budget my self which is sad because there is sooo much i want to buy :(
i'd though id share with you what i managed to buy anyway...

AHHHHHH! HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE? there from one of my favourite places ever Ted Baker! Im not sure if its just because me and ted both have the same last name or not but i am just a little bit obsessed with him, and these shoes were a bargain at £20 so i had to buy them! they should have been 30 but theres a tiny little pen mark of them so i got a tenner off, how good is that?

I'm also in love with my new converse top :D my dad brough me some white low top converse yesterday as you can see in the bottom photos so it goes great with them! The top was from zara at a price of £15.99 :) i'm in love with all zara's clothing at the moment they have some lovely things in store!

The shorts are from h&m which were £14.99 i think, i just wanted some casual shorts to take on holiday with me to wear on the beach and that and these were perfect! the colour changes in them from a light denim to normal denim and i love it :) 

I really like both these items i brough! I have quite a casual style at times and this is one of those! In the summer some shorts and a printed tee looks fab i think! thats me personally though :)

what do you guys all think? which is your favourite purchase?
please leave comments and share my blog with your friends, thanks for reading
love caits xxx

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  1. The ted baker flip flops are so sweet! I love them.x