Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NOOT- Purple and Red :)

Im going on holiday TOMORROW! OH MY GOD! What is possibly more exciting? but there is a down side.. i have no internet for 12 days, no tweets,no blogging, no facebook; im going to miss it all sooo much :(
this is just a quick last post before i go as im still only half way through my packing and i need to cut down on the 12 pairs of shoes i want to take :/ not sure how but i will try..
As soon as i get home- which is the 9th i will do a massive huge post on my time there(spain-benalmadena) and upload all my fave photos and my outfits so dont worry there is a great post coming your way :)

I have the worst trouble keeping nail varnish on, on holida because as soon as i jump in the pool its all chipped and looks horrible.. but i still paint them every night hopeing they will keep in tack the next day- they never do :(
Iv gone for something abit quirky this time...

Left Hand

Right Hand

As you can see my left hand is so much better than my right, i'm afwully wobbley anyway when trying to paint nails so its a tough job for me!
Basically i really couldn't decide weather to pain my nails purple or red so i though why not do both? First of all i did a purple coat on my nails and let it dry. Then i carefully filed in the tips on my nails in a red colour, i finished off with a top clear coat to make then shiny and done!
Im so pleased with them, to be honest, i think the colours look great together and you can see both the colours clearly. A really unique and quirky way to paint you nails :)

All pots of nail varnish are from this HUGE set i got for christmas last year, it came with 20 different colours and there all wonderful. i have no idea what the brand name is but i tell you these nail varnishes are the best.

What do you think of my new holiday nails? :)
lovecaitsss xxx

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