Saturday, 16 February 2013

slits and spikes

Slitted top- RI here
Spiked necklace- RI here
Yes i bought a new top, and necklace, but it only cost me £20 all together AND i did buy this a few weeks ago so don't worry i haven't broken my lent promise.. yet!
 I actually really like the top, very basic i know but i'm soooooo in love with the sports wear trend this season and i think the slits down the side of this top are, very sporty, so now i just need some trousers, shoes maybe a bag and a jacket so go with it to complete the look, but i have to wait 40 days *sad sad face* and i don't have that much money :( 
The necklace was only a fiver TOTAL BARGAIN and iv probably worn it like 5 times so it really only cost £1 per wear, see thinking positive, I've started doing this with all my clothes hahaha! 
Finally its half term wooooo!! I have 4 maths papers to do which it just like omg, but i have maths exams the first week back so hopefully it will all pay off... yes a day of revision is needed, on a saturday as well, what has life come to? 
Hope you all have a fab weekend and omgggggg london fashion weekend in 7 days eeeeek :-)
love Caits x 


  1. Wicked top, I've been contemplating buying one of these as I really like the side detail. Can't believe you have to last 40 days without clothes shopping, I'd fail so bad!

  2. LOVE that necklace, great look!!you have a cute blog and it would be great if you could come over and check out my blog as well and maybe we could follow each other, have a lovely day doll!