Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oscars 2013- My thoughts on the fashion

(Sorry this post is a few days late!)
Starting off with Kristen Stewart, my love for her is big, her acting her style i just love! She's wearing Reem Acra and well looks bloody beautiful! I absolutely adore the the panels of detailing which go down this dress, i think she has chosen a fabulous colour, her pale skin on the off white fabrics looks divine and her brown ruffled hair. Definitely one of my favourite looks from the night, there's just one thing missing.. Robert Pattinson. 

Some people liked, some people didn't, but i LOVED! Her face was made up so lovely with the smokey eye and her hair loosely pulled back! The dress was definitely made for her, the halter neck is great for people with big boobs- just like Amanda and i think that's why she really pulled this look off, so well done to you Amanda Seyfried. And ps, the 2 hands on hips pose, I LOVE!

Hands up who loves Channing Tatum!! Yes i think that was everyone; this gorgeous male hottie showed up in a Gucci suit, and everyone loves a man in a Gucci suit! I adore his waistcoat and bow tie and yes... he was definitely hottest man at the Oscars! Also how gorgeous is his wife Jenna Dewan and i can already tell their baby is going to be beautiful. 

Who is this male hottie i don't seem to recognize by name? Eddie Redmayne is wearing a classic Alexander McQueen suit, 1 word.. HOT! and how cute are his little black pump type of shoes! You can buy me Alexander McQueen any day, espesh the new clutch bags xxx

I luuuuuurve Jennifer Lawrence, i really think she has one of the nicest personalities ever and in all honest we could be best friends! So the dress, the HUGE, low waist gown by Dior, I LOVE IT!! Not over done one little bit, its perfect, she stands out and i love everything about her look from the pulled back hair to the pale pink trail, well done Jennifer, and don't worry about your trip, we all still love you hunny! 

The pale colours are becoming quite a big trend at this years Oscars, now i'm not exactly a pale pink kind of girl but i love Anna Hathaway's Prada gown, the same way i love her in the Devil Wears Prada.. ALOT. Her dress was controversial with people complaining it was 'too simple' and 'gave her pointy nipples'; no people, the dress is BRITISH, she looks so British and definitely has some style about her which is different from the other american ladies. Also you can clearly see its the struchter of the dress, not her nipples so don't complain :) I think her hair colour made the dress look so flattering and she looked like an elegant young woman! 

My last best dressed at the Oscars and of course its Jennifer Anisten... this give is brave, all in red, and i think she looks fantastic... Vanentino is lush! I'm glad she has wore a bright colour as the Oscars did have a lot of really pale colours and then blacks and whites, so well done to you Jennifer Anisten! 
Sorry this post is quite a few days late, i'm so bad at time scheduling and have been really busy revising for my maths exams(today and monday)! So what did you think of the Oscars?


  1. I love Jennifer Lawrence!!!:) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want!!:)

  2. loved jennifer lawrences and jennifer annistons dresses! ooh and channing looked dapper! xo