Tuesday, 12 February 2013

no shopping for lent?

Yes, its true.. IM GIVING UP SHOPPING FOR LENT! i have no idea why or how the hell i'm i going to do it but i am! I'v decided i spend waaaaay to much money on clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, the list could go on; and i really need to start saving my money. So for 40 days no shopping at all! I can buy makeup, but that's obvs cause i cant really go public looking like a ghost, yes i could be classed as a ghost in winter! And yes i can go window shopping but thats not really the same! 
Ok ok 1 exception, i am allowed to buy things at London Fashion Weekend, i mean i cant exactly go to a MAJOR event in my life and not buy anything, so on Saturday 23rd i'm allowed to spend wooopie! But still 39 days of no spending not bad, not bad. Are any of you guys giving up anything for lent? and..
Happy pancake day guyyyysssss!! Eat your heart out ;) 
love Caitss x 


  1. this is a really good idea, i might join you actually! (if i can pluck up the courage by tomorrow haha) x


  2. I did this last year but failed! Good luck :D


  3. Such a good idea cause at the end, you're almost rewards with all your saved money! Have a fab time at London Fashion Weekend too, I'm so jealous! :(



    1. I know:))) cant wait to see how much money I have saved, but then go and spent it on clothes anyway haha! and thankyou I'm so excited!xxx

  4. I failed , I'm rubbish with money x