Monday, 18 February 2013


 Hyperventilating, hyperventilating! Monochrome is my new favorite trend that has probably ever existed! Its my perfect look, i'm soooo in love with all these looks!
I was reading the new topshop magazine- you can now pick it up in stores and the first picture is my favourite look from the magazine, pleaseee can someone tell me where to buy this beautiful black dress? I can't find it anywhere on topshop at all, i mean i have until the 31st of March to find it(lent- spending ban) but its £38(i think) and i just really really want it, i have the perfect shirt/top thing to match it with and can just imagine my self wearing it to go meet Anna Wintour so she can make me the Assistant editor of vogue( HA, in my dreams!)  The more i look at it, the more i want it!!
I also love all the black and white jackets going on in the photos! The like tie dye effect one at the bottom is gorgeous, and i love the one she is wearing in the 2nd photo- COME TO MOMA! 
I think the monochrome style can defiantly have the 'grunge' look brought into it which is why i probably like it so much!! 
On with the rambling- who else is extremely jealous of everyone at London fashion week right now? Victoria Beckham is there which makes me sad(love her) and #RIHANNAFORRIVERISLAND!!!! Oh so excited for that collection to come out 5th March! Although there isn't that many 'out there' pieces some of the black slit dresses, and little crop top type things will be an investment in my wardrobe! I may just buy the whole collection! What do you think of the RiRi collection? 
Hope your all having a lovely week, lucky for me i'm off school yayyy :-) 
love Caits x 


  1. I looove monochrome!! Agreeing with you here, very jel of everyone at LFW and I'm super excited for Rihanna's collection!Xx

  2. Love the black pinafore!

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  3. i'm so in love with monochrome too, especially the things on topshop and motel rocks! Damn spending ban for me too :(

  4. I love the 4th, 5th and 6th outfit!
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  5. Monochrome will always be one of my favourite tends :)

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