Sunday, 7 April 2013

Denim shirt #Look1

Shirt- Hollister, Grey tee- Hollister (both prezzies from my mum and dad when they went to NYC)- so jealous! Shorts-Topshop Sale, Shoes-eBay, Rings-All eBay except the one on my left hand 4th finger(that's Topshop £1.50 sale!) Sunglasses- Ralph Lauren, the airport haha! 

I'm actually blogging!! It’s pretty much a miracle right? But no I am definitely going to get back into the spirit of blogging and blog a lot more often because its something which I love doing! 
I adore my denim shirt at the minute, like literally it goes with EVERYTHING, so I’ve decided to do a little piece on 3 different ways to wear it! The sun was out yesterday so I whacked out my new shorts (£9 in the sale) and this cute little grey tee, it has a gorgeous dark coloured cotton racer back, which I did take some pictures off but they didn't come out too well. This is a very causal look, not too much effort but it was great for sitting out in the sun yesterday. 
Now I have this thing for red nails at the moment- I’m like obsessed I just love them, I also love all my gold rings, I really hope I’m not turning chavy but I think there is something about the red and gold hand accessories which I think looks good? I don’t know I’m I going crazy? 
Also my hair isn’t looking too good recently, its it rubbish condition so I’m basically using no heat at all hence the frizzy all over the place look, but I'm having it done on Wednesday and I bought some hair masks today so hopefully it will be looking better soon! 
Sorry about my lack of blogging recently but I be back on the blog posts very soon don’t you worry J
Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and eaten way to much chocolate haha!
Love Caits x 


  1. Those shorts are so cute, what a bargain!

  2. I bought the blue denim version of these Topshop shorts in the sale, such a bargain! :)
    I love your rings and shoes too!