Friday, 22 March 2013

sports luxe

Shorts- Topshop 

How cool is my new jumper? I say new but I got it when I went down to London the other week, don't worry I haven't broke my spending ban(well actually I have) but not on this jumper as I was allowed to shop for the ONE day I went to London, yes my shopping life is sad :(! Yeah this jumper was a bit pricey at £45 but I don't really mind cause its so fit. It has these super cool cut outs on the elbows and chest and then white and black airtex mesh fabric- which I love. This is my new favourite piece for the 'Sports Wear' trend this season and i can wait to wear it more often!! And also you should all check out 'The Ragged Preist' clothing in Topshop.. ITS GORGEOUS I WANT IT ALL! The shorts are new too, I bought them about 5 days into my spending ban, no idea why i though it was a good idea to do some window shopping in Topshop but then I saw these beautys in the sale for £9.. £9!!! Iv been wanting just some black shorts for ages but was going to wait till summer to buy some but of course if there's some on sale(with black lace detail as well) I am obviously going to buy them, I felt bad of course, but then I though ACTUALLY NO... I've just saved my self like £27 because I was going to buy some black shorts in a few months anyway and by that time the full prices would have been back at like £36!
One more quick question... I love DIY'ing all my clothes and turning my old clothes into pieces which match the seasons trend so i though why not start selling some of my best pieces to you guys? I have some really good ideas in mind so if you would be interested in seeing them let me know and i might do some selling :) 
love Caits x