Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My obsession with Benefit makeup- Glamour magazine

Ok. i don't normally do beauty posts like this but i just have to share with you my OBSESSION with Benefit makeup! I'm like literally in love with the stuff and my week has just got even better when i found out Glamour Magazine are giving away POREfessional, That Gal and Bad Gal lash mascara(black) in their magazine this month. ekkkkk! My POREfessional has just run out to so instead of splashing out at £23.50 you can buy 3 at £6 all together which is the same amount as a big tub!

POREfessional- I Honestly love this product I have been using it for quite a while now and i must say when i apply it in the morning it makes my skin feel so much better! It evens out your skin and gives it a flawless look before you have even started putting makeup on, and better yet your skin feels silky and soft! The colour works for any skin tone as is adapts to your skin colour straight away. This is defiantly my top buy of makeup and my favourite piece in my makeup bag!

That Gal- I don't have this is the big version but when i stay at my friends house she has it so she always puts me some on in the morning :) It gives your face a lovely warm glow and highlights your cheekbones and eye brow bones, it also helps your makeup stay on you face as when i wear it i don't have to re apply my makeup as often. Defiantly worth a try if your makeup's always falling on your face. 

Bad Gal Lash mascara- I use this marsaca but in the plum colour when i go on holiday! It doesn't clump your eye lashes together what so ever and leaves them looking natural. I wouldn't use it if your want a false lash effect though because it applys lightley but this is prefect for a day at school/work.
 And whats cuter each one has its own little sticker saying 'Exclusively for Glamour' aww!

So i now hope to everyone reading this you now go Glamour Magazine! Im totally obsessed with Benefit makeup, it works perfectly on your skin and makes me feel a whole lot better using it everyday.. so many different products to try and these are mine!
POREfessional, Play Sticks, Posie tint, Throbb, Hoola, Bad gal lash(black), Bad gal lash(plum), Powerrazzi, Hello flawless, Boi-ing, Hello flawless oxygen WOW, That gal, Benefit foundation brush, Benefit beauty bag!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my post! have any of you got an obsession with benefit or bought the glmour magazine?

loveCaits xxx


  1. I love Porefessional - I really need to buy the full sized one and I really want to try 'That Gal'.

    Super cute blog, I'm following :)


  2. love these iv got them and use them so muchhh