Sunday, 17 June 2012


I'm so in love with rings recently, i have bought 3 in the last week and 1 was only 50cents from this stall on holiday.BARGAIN, and i love it!
I'd rather wear a cute ring and a necklace then loads of bracelets especially when I'm shopping as they just get in the way and always get caught on things :(
I've been shopping on line today and come across some really quirky ones which i think you all may like :)

Ring 1

 Ring 2
Ring 3

Ring 4

 Ring 1- Topshop £8.50, which means each ring is only £4.25 each so yup defiantly a bargain already! I love these two little rings there so cute and they would go with pretty much any outfit to style it up a bit.. the little moustache is a well known icon too so i think it makes the look very quirky, and that's what style is all about right?

Ring 2- Miss Selfridge £5.00. Even though i don't actually own a cross ring they are by FAR my favourite rings around at the moment! All this 'cross' and 'peace' stuff is in lately so if you want to keep up with the trends about I'd buy your self one of these. The gold colour is easy to match with any outfit you like too! Top buy i say :)

Ring 3- Accessorize £4.00. This shop must be my favourite place to get accessories ever! they jewelry is normally quite expensive in there as its all so well made but for £4 this is affordable. If you have a fun, bubbly personality this ring will really show it! Its cute to wear on the beach or if your off out in the sun for a day!

Ring 4- Forever 21 £5.65. aww these long rings make you look so sophisticated and stylish. If you want to dress up your look this is the way to do it! These also look great with little black dresses and they all the little stones and beads on them i love!

Do you like rings? which is your favourite? :)
Also when i post my blog to the dashboard on GFC a picture doesn't come up at the left side like most other posts do.. does any one know how i can change this so i have a picture and text?

love caits xxx


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  1. Love the cross ring

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