Sunday, 5 May 2013

Toni and Guy- sea salt spray!! #video1

GUYS!!! I made my first ever you tube vid! woooo! So yeah I'm not really that technical and I have not much of an idea on how you edit the video's but here you have it- my first ever review :-) I love the Toni and Guy sea salt spray so wanted to show it to you guys! Please be aware of my slight stupid ness on the video, I felt as if I was talking to my self hahaha! Hope you like it! My youtube channel is here so subscribe to me :)! 

 love Caits xxx
Oh and leave me your youtube links, I need to start subscribing to people!


  1. The finished effect looks gorgeous! I can never get my hair to look like this xx

    Angelica // OneLittleVice

  2. I want that Celine t-shirt everytime I see someone wearing it, can you tell me where you bought yours from? :) xxx

    1. Hiya, I got mine from a website called iOffer, if you just type in celine top loads will come up, eBay also sells them if you just search celine top too :-) hope you find one xxx