Friday, 17 May 2013

Ted Baker #tedss13

You probably all ready know I have a massive obsession with Ted Baker partly because we share the same last name but mainly because they have so many lovely things which one day I will buy! My prom dress and bag are both from TB but I'm not showing you guys yet.. put the 28th June in your diary's ;-)
 Anyway TB have a competition (here) for style blogs at the moment and all you have to do is pick your 3 favourite items from their spring/summer13 collection- easy you say.. not. Lets just say I could have chosen every item! 
I'm going on holiday soon(ish) and spotted this bikini when 'bikini shopping' on ASOS and I've all ready decided I'm buying the bottoms as they are beau-ti-ful. So of course I had to choose this bikini to feature on my blog as the print, colours, design and everything are so so pretty! I chose this bag a) because of the colour (love green at the mo) and b) because for years now I have always used my little white TB bag with the gold bow for my beach bag on holiday as they are so easy to carry around and fit everything in! So the look I have chosen is more of a 'beach look' but yano I love the beach and both these 2 items! 

Sorry I have been so absent from my blog, I've had so much school work to be handed in over the last few weeks and my GCSE's started last week and now I'm sat in bed with tonsillitis and a fever.. fabulous! You don't wanna be seeing my face on here till I'm better.. ok enough with the excuses! My exams finish on the 13th June so I'll be back to regular blogging then but for now I'll try and do as many posts as possible for you guys! THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!
love Caits x 


  1. Love both the bikini and the bag, gorgeous colours!

    Kamila xx

  2. Thanks for taking a look at my blog post, I love your picks too, there was so much to chose from!
    The bikini is gorgeous!